Sharon Bernard

Administrative Manager

Responsibilities: CWE Operations, HR Management System for Faculty/ Researchers/Staff, Post Award and Contract Issues, Agency Reporting, Financial Overview, Building Issues CWE CW1, Financial Projections, Travel Backup, Proposal Preparation/Revised Budgets, Service Contracts, MST Service Center Support

Phone (512) 471-0076

Melissa Pollard

Financial Analyst

Responsibilities: All CWE Procurement card purchases for PRC location, All CWE Purchase orders, UT Market Requests for PRC location, Travel Group 1, Key requests for CWE PRC location, Purchasing Receiver, Voucher processing, Financial Projections, Service Contracts, Building and Facilities Issues

Phone (512) 475-8770

Sherian Williams Watson

Senior Administrative Associate

Responsibilities: Student assignments/tuition/onboarding, Subcontract monitoring and invoices, HR Management System backup, Travel Documents Approver, Faculty Annual Report Information, Compliance issues –back up documentation required by Sponsors, Agency Reporting, Filemaker Pro Database master, Visitor and Visa Processing

Phone (512) 471-9964

Gabby Zegarra-Coronado

Administrative Associate

Responsibilities: Travel Groups 2 & 3, Faculty Support, UT Market Purchases for EWRE/ECJ location, Procurement card purchases for EWRE location, Special Event Support, EWRE Service Center Invoice Processing, Visa and Visitor Processing, EWRE List Serve

Phone (512) 232-9336